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Supercharge Your Leadership Potential

Executive Coaching

with Alex Pearlman

Northern Lights

Executive Coaching with Alex Pearlman

How do you supercharge your leadership potential and harness the energy of your team?

Alex Pearlman is an executive and leadership coach, strategy consultant, and nonprofit leader with experience working in the US and Asia Pacific. He is passionate about supporting leaders who want to advance their own capabilities so that they are better able to support their teams and run their businesses.


As four generations unite in the workplace creating new complex team dynamics and companies keep pace with external change, leaders at all levels are seeking support. Alex is a business-minded and people-centric thought partner to help you navigate the issues that are keeping you up at night.

What does one-on-one coaching include?

  • Tailored to your needs

  • Dedicated sessions

  • Focused on the personal, team, and/or organizational challenges

  • Unpacking blockers and moving to action

Coaching Philosophy

A coach acting as guide and thought partner can help us navigate the complexities of our professional and personal lives. Together we tailor the coaching process to address your specific needs and challenges, addressing both work problems and supporting personal development goals. Clients have the flexibility to set the pace and determine the focus of coaching sessions.


Alex's approach to coaching is build on a four-part foundation:

Whole Person

Coaching is a holistic exercise that incorporates your head (thinking), heart (feeling), and hands (doing). Considering all aspects of the individual will drive leader effectiveness.

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Growth Mindset

Realize your potential as a leader with the proper support. Reframing challenges as opportunities will fuel motivation to develop skills and new ways of working.

Limitless Progress 

Foster transformational breakthroughs by challenging norms and committing to ongoing improvement through learning, taking action, and focusing on outcomes.

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Aligned Leadership

Consistently match words and actions to deliver on promises and fulfill commitments. Earn trust, respect, and accountability by "walking the talk." 

Power Skills

About Alex

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Alex Pearlman combines his love of teaching and human development with his experience as a strategy consultant to help established and aspiring leaders to improve business outcomes and advance personal performance goals. Using proven coaching methods, Alex provides a personalized approach that offers structure, accountability, and flexibility to address his clients’ long-term and emerging issues, while also ensuring that his clients are acquiring behaviors, tools, and mindsets to respond to future challenges and opportunities.


Alex works closely with the leaders of multigenerational teams. As four generations unite in the workplace creating new complex team dynamics and companies keep pace with external change, leaders at all levels are seeking support. Alex is a business-minded and people-centric thought partner to help you navigate the issues that are keeping you up at night.



Alex brings a wealth of coaching and people management experience from the realms management consulting, education, and organizational leadership. In his most recent role as a consultant at PwC Strategy&, Alex advised clients on strategy, human capital, corporate culture, and organizational transformation. Working for PwC in the United States and China provided him with a global perspective, an understanding of diverse business environments, and a deeper appreciation for how the role of company executives and leaders are the same and different in different situations.

Before management consulting, Alex was actively involved in the education equity movement in New Orleans. Through this work, he focused on adolescent and adult learning and development as a Teach For America corps member and as a new teacher coach through The New Teacher Project. Alex helped launch the ReNEW Schools charter management organization, serving as their first director of human capital and later as executive director of operations.

With a dedication to coaching the whole person, Alex is committed to working with leaders at all levels – from C-suite to emerging leaders – to enhance their skills and deliver organizational results. Understanding the growing complexity and competitiveness of the business landscape, he recognizes the significance of providing effective coaching and support across all leadership levels. Alex's unique expertise across industries and functional areas enables him to facilitate leaders and managers to unlock their full potential.

Alex holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BA in Political Science from the University of Rochester. Alex has completed the Columbia Coaching Certification Program and is in the process of attaining his ACC credential from the International Coaching Federation.

Northern Lights

Ross M.

Venture Capital Marketer

Leadership coaching with Alexander Pearlman was a transformative experience. In just a few months, Alex helped me make major strides in building my confidence as a professional. Through our coaching engagement, I learned to harness my strengths for greater impact, reframe challenges as valuable learning opportunities, clarify what energizes me in my career, and realign my life to set myself up for success. I feel great about where I am inside and outside work, and coaching with Alex played a central role in getting me there.

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